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About Salsbury's

​Salsbury's started out in March, 1982 as a hardware and feed store located near the top of Town Hill, Maine. During the next five years, we held our own at that location, but decided that we soon needed to expand. In 1987, we built a new and improved building on land we purchased, located just down the hill, on Red Rock Corner. Since then, we have been evolving from hardware to lawn and garden supplies.


In 1999 after a scare with cancer, we decided to stop selling chemical pesticides and fungicides since they can be harmful to people, animals and our environment as a whole. This was a very positive transition for us and it is something we truly value and believe in. We are proud to be able to supply organic garden materials and hardware to the people of MDI and the surrounding areas.


Our customer base includes organic farmers, indoor growing connoisseurs, professional landscapers and many, many more. They have a lot of knowledge and we have the ability to learn and share techniques with, and from them. We believe this to be something not found at many of our competitors stores, and it’s something that makes Salsbury’s exceed expectations. If you have questions about your gardens or home projects we would be happy to help and would not hesitate to share our knowledge with you.


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